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BLOCKED (Pilot Episode 1)

Director Biography – Anntreece Jones

Anntreece N. Jones was born on January 21, 1983, to the union of Edward G. Allen and Connie J. Clay in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the second oldest of three siblings. Jones was part of the 2001 Graduate Class from of the legendary Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Upon graduation, she attended the Ogle School of Cosmetology where she ranked top of her class. Jones is currently known throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as a Master Stylist and Businesswoman. She is the CEO of Virtuous Woman Salon and Beauty. Jones married her high school sweetheart, Herbert G. Jones, Jr in November 2001, and is currently married going on nineteen years. She is the proud mother of three amazing children (Draelon, Josiah, and Journey). While many may not understand the life of a parent who has autistic children, it is a blessing for Jones to be able to tap into their world while still balancing a world of her own. Having three children with autism, has taught Jones how to appreciate life. She views life not only from her perspective, but through the eyes of her children.

In April of 2015, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and temporarily lost her ability to see. In that moment, she asked God to restore her vision, and allow her to be a willing vessel for His will and the advancement of His Kingdom. Little did she know that would encompass her writing stage plays and films.

In 2017, after the completion of the productions; The Price of Freedom” and “This Christmas”, it sparked a desire to bring reality to the screen. After the responses from the audience members, she realizes that it was bigger than her and she decided to pursue her career and started the business currently known as Anntreece Jones Productions, LLC. This grass-rooted endeavor was started with Faith, Trust and Belief in God and the love and support of her family. Even though there were sacrifices and losses, she did not give up; and here she is here today, sixteen stage plays under her belt, film completed and one major up and coming project.

This little girl from the Stop Six area of Fort Worth, TX has grown into an unapologetic solider of God, who stands in awe of the favor that He has endowed upon her. The journey continues as she focuses on creating generational wealth for her family and those who are connected to Anntreece Jones Productions, LLC. She has received countless feedback from audience members confessing of breakthroughs and mind-altering perspectives from her productions.

Anntreece Jones

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