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Director Biography – Sharon Strange

(Formally known as Crystal Correa )

Founder and Award-winning Filmmaker + Actor + Artist
Born in Seoul, South Korea and growing up in a very portable military Puerto Rican family, pushed Sharon to be inspired by the world around her and especially Saturday morning cartoons. From a very young age of five, Sharon started to have an interest in all artistic mediums.

Moving around gave Sharon a lot of time to work on her craft and grow as an artist while being the “new kid.” She was never lonely. Her inspirations have always come from a bit of both real life and her colorful imagination. As a fan of surreal and abstract styles it’s easy to see those influences in her work.

After college, Sharon decided to focus on a more digital based medium and film in order to express herself. She’s still designing her art in a sketchbook so she can stay connected to her roots, when all she had was pencil and paper to express herself.

Sharon is now currently working on a dark comedic digital series about a part-time exorcist (✨light-worker✨) and full-time cartoonist named Crystal with the help of her best friend Simon, a full-time entity, they work together to save humanity, barely. “CRYSTAL THE CREEP: CHRONICLES OF A CREEP”, was inspired by Strange’s short dark comedy/horror screenplay “Simon and I”. Recently “CREEP” was rewarded “Best Animation” by “Phoenix Shorts” March 2021.

As of August 2021 Crystal Correa decided to rebrand herself professionally as Sharon Strange.

Sharon Strange

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