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Taffy the Pink Hippopotamus

Director Biography – Artie E. Romero

Artie Romero has worked in animation since 1981, and has a long list of screen credits, including four movies and many TV series. Before entering the animation industry as a director, Artie worked as a comic book artist, editor and publisher.

He was born in 1951 in Springfield, Missouri. He showed artistic talent as a child, and during his high school years he decided to pursue a career as an artist. His work was published in his high school’s literary magazine and in 1968 he joined the staff of Carl Gafford’s fanzine Minotaur as a co-editor.

In 1973, after studying art for 3 years at Missouri State University, he returned to Colorado Springs and co-founded Everyman Studios, an artists’ collective that published many underground comic books. In 1981, Mr. Romero moved the studio away from publishing and initiated commercial animation production, including movie titles and effects, music videos, TV commercials, video games and software. The studio converted to digital production in 1991 and was renamed ARG! Cartoon Animation in 1994.

The original ARG! website was launched in 1996 at Artie.com, and it quickly became one of the most popular animation sites on the Web. In 2005-2006, the site got one billion hits in 20 months. In 2018, the Artie.com domain name was sold and the ARG! studio moved its website to ArtieStick.com.

Mr. Romero continues to produce and direct animations, and has been honored with more than 100 awards for his TV and film work.

Artie E. Romero

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