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Celebrating the art of films

Filmmaking is however a deeper choice to reexplain the world in a way different vision. A movie is made up of manipulations, imagination and lots of interweave with a choice to create a parallel chronology in the world.

Airflix film festival personifies that spirit of filmmaking, the non-stop attempt to push the limits of the accepted norm and the endless struggle to adapt them. The center of our movie pageant lays the organization notion in democratizing artwork. It is that notion in the decentralized shape of artwork and its public exposure which comes out itself in the movie pageant.

We try to offer a platform for people who create amazing films. The Airflix film represents the filmmakers who are sure to build an extraordinary industrial development of the artwork called ‘film’.

We select to give a platform to the film makers wherein movies are weapons of alternate and a name to action. If you think you fit for the criteria of portfolio referred above and need to create movies for the sake of artwork and best for the sake of artwork, then you are welcome to enroll in us.

We display the winners of each season of our Airflix film festival at the online platform. During our annual occasion we do screening with an audience wherein we display the chosen exceptional extraordinary Art works.

We provide you an opportunity on this global full of talented people in the film industry. Airflix film provides you an area for your film where you may test and innovate, get renowned and be identified for it.

That’s us. Submit your best works with us these days and allow us to appreciate your talent.

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Till: 30th July, 2023