The Girl Who Faded Away

The search for love happens in a place where angels fear to tread. A man is walking on the edge of deep woods, holding an old wooden case. A white owl in the trees takes notice of him and swoops down. In a puff of smoke the owl transforms and becomes a beautiful female apparition. […]

Tempting Fate

A man in a bar uses extreme measures attempting to escape death when he encounters the Grim Reaper, who follows the man at every turn.

Us still exists – Ma hama esti – Uns gibt es noch

Director: Erdogan Bulut Look at yourself in the mirror and recognize your double self, which flies like a butterfly from tree to tree, from country to country, without being destroyed. The 62-minute experimental film flows like a river from which further animations challenge us. The intense film music speaks to us as instead of the […]


A young Hispanic woman is becomes part of a game by a young white privileged male and his friends. She is working in the corporate world and becomes prey to him and his friends because she won’t play nice within their game and it goes to far


A self-proclaimed womanizer and homophobic film director assumes the life of his gay, identical twin brother to find the perfect leading lady

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